Cannabis Extraction & Operations Seminar

August 5th, 2019

For one day only we’re hosting four courses led by Northern California’s cannabis extraction industry leaders. Prepare your business for the future now and be the first to preview curriculum disclosing the extraction market’s supply chain, technology and business influences. Limited availability of seats for intimate discussion so sign up now!

This course includes:

Advanced Extraction Methods

Guest Instructor: Greg Zeman, Author Beyond Buds: Next Generation

This class will focus on foundational and advanced concepts in extraction technology and methodology. This class is geared toward those wishing to increase their knowledge base of extraction techniques and current market trends. This class covers advanced physical and chemical principles of extraction and the numerous methods, new and old, used to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes from inert plant matter.

Viscosity of Extracts

Guest Instructor: Grace B. & Rick Paulino, RheoSense

This class illustrates the importance of viscosity in the branding and creation of cannabis oil as well as reviews the molecular interactions that influence lab testing techniques for viscosity. Concepts in how horticultural techniques and cultivar differentiation influence results are reviewed. The “art” of viscosity is also presented via an examination of how terpenes and additives alter final products.

Track & Trace Compliance

Guest Instructor: David Hua, Meadow CEO & Co-Founder

One of the greatest changes to the California Adult Use Cannabis Market will be the adoption of the METRC track and trace system for all licensed operators. The various aspects of the METRC system and how it integrates with inventory and business software will be reviewed. Special business and supply chain considerations will also be examined as they relate to compliant operations and challenges the industry will face in adoption of METRC are explained.

Cannabis Patent Law

Guest Instructor: Cathleen Rocco, Patents Lawyer

Building upon the unique challenges and concepts of Cannabis Intellectual Property Law, this course provides an overview of the patent process as it relates to cannabis. Historic and recent influential cannabis patents are reviewed and the future of patent law as it relates to the cannabis industry is examined. The patenting of extraction methods is especially considered.