This site is designed to assist you while you are taking the Indoor Horticulture Seminar Part 1. Here you will be able to download your course files and view additional resources. You will have access to this course for 180 days. This course is a prerequisite for Horticulture Seminar Part 2. There is no exam for part 1. The exam and certification take place in part 2.

How to navigate this course

You can access your course material from either the side Course Navigation bar or the Course Materials section at the bottom of the screen. Please watch the following tutorial to help you understand the LMS features, how to navigate, take quizzes and turn in assignments. Please note there is no report card for part 1 of the seminar. The report card will be available in part 2.

Remember to click on the “Mark Complete” button at the end of the content when you are done with a lesson or topic.

Course Materials